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Brooklynites of a certain age remember Lundy’s, that venerable Sheepshead Bay seafood restaurantthat could seat thousands and was wildly popular for five decades. But pining for Lundy’s hasn’t brought it back and Cherry Hill Gourmet,the mega delicatessen and specialty food store now in its place, is deliciously meeting the needs of the hungry, whether they’re from down the block or across the borough...Read Full Story

Sept 21, 2011 -Division in Sheepshead Bay
The old-timers in Sheepshead Bay all remember Lundy’s, the huge ?sh restaurant on the water with its famous biscuits and clam chowder. On a typical Sunday, 10,000 would be served...Read Full Story

October 1st, 2010-Visionary Rejuvenates and Anchors Sheepshead Bay
Standing outside the Lundy's building, Sheepshead resident Brittany Murphy, describes the market enthusiastically, “I never thought the building would look like this again. It is convenient, beautiful and makes me proud to live in the neighborhood.” This was the idea that David Isaev, the Cherry Hill owner, had in mind when he was upgrading his part of the building. Isaev has anchored the Sheepshead Bay community by making the Lundy's building a destination once again...Read Full Story

Sept 9, 2010-Tonight: Cherry Hill-Lundy’s Grand Opening
There’s a lot of hustle-and-bustle going on at the landmarked Lundy’s building, as Cherry Hill workers prepare for their grand opening event. Sure, it’s coming more than four months after their actual opening, but the gourmet market has been embroiled in controversy and was keeping a low profile...Read Full Story

Aug 1, 2010—Sheepshead Bay treasure turns into Cherry Hill Gourmet Market
It’s been nearly a year since the Cherry Hill Gourmet Market opened at 1901 Emmons Ave. in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay, and residents are delighted.....Read Full Story

Aug 4, 2010-Crain’s: Lundy’s Better Off As A Grocery Store?
Is the landmarked Lundy’s building better off as a grocery store? That’s the way Crain’s New York makes it sound...Read Full Story

March 5, 2009-Historic Lundy's Moves From Clams to 'Cherry Hill'
Historic restaurant Lundy’s—whose home is a sprawling stucco building in Sheepshead Bay—will reopen as a 19,000 square foot gourmet market called Cherry Hill. The building’s owner David Isaev, who has been met with measures of opposition and support during the renovation process, previewed the property to the community on Tuesday. Blogger Gerristen Beach has photos, and Sheepshead Bites has a recap, including this bit of intel about an accompanying restaurant: building manager Anthony Kelley “mentioned that the market will also have a restaurant. Although he did not mention the names of the chefs, he said that two who worked in New York restaurants had been hired to work at Cherry Hill—pointing to the menus they have already developed.”...Read Full Story

Nov 9, 2009—Looking for Mr. Lundy
“That’s the one! That’s the portrait! Let me see? ” Victor Coker was stunned when he saw the picture of his missing portrait in a page of the book I had brought to show him Lundy’s Reminiscences and Recipes from Brooklyn’s Legendary Restaurant…...Read Full Story

Sept 12, 2009-Celebs, Pols and Neighbors Mingle at Cherry Hill
Neighbors, local politicians, and Hollywood celebrities packed into the landmarked Lundy’s building as its latest tenant, Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, celebrated its grand opening on Thursday. Cherry Hill management catered to a crowd of nearly a thousand with mountains of food prepared in its own kitchen...Read Full Story